Summit of Braillė Satellitė

For quite a while we’ve been supporting subcultural music of the past several decades as well as some newly evolved jewels of our times by showcasing their recordings over many parties to inspire ourselves and our listeners. An inexhaustible underground of undiscovered music of all genres GIVES us THE possibility to be independent of music industry standards and to meet like-minded people. To show our gratitude, we always wanted to arrange a festival with some remarkable artists of the past and the present.

We want to invite you to join our next music gathering, this time under the name of „Braillė Satellitė“. It will take place in the lands of Mushroom Manor (Grybų Dvarvietė).

A price of a ticket ordering now is 35 Eur. If we will sell enough tickets in advanced, we wont sell tickets at the entrance in July. Tickets can be ordered online and paid via bank transfer, paypal or purchased in cash. For paying in cash please write an e-mail to to agree a pick-up date and time. To order online go here:

Mushrom Manor Park (official address: Grybų viensėdis, Sariai, Švenčionių rajonas) is located 80 km north-east going from Vilnius. It’s a park with trees and ponds of ex-Manor that is completely outworn. A place can be reached by car or train. You will need to walk on forest trail for around one hour after getting of a train to reach a place.

There is a lot of space for camping in the park, tents are welcome. It will have a car parking area, but we wont be responsible for the cars. We will install a shower for your concenience, but ponds are good to take a swimm too. Food and drinks will be available whole weekend.

Full information about ARRIVAL and TICKETS aswell as detailed description of the ARTISTS can be found under this link:


For any questions write to:


Harald Sack Ziegler (Cologne)

Chikiss (St. Petersburg)

Alvaro Peña-Rojas (Valparaíso)

Sculpture (London)

Acchiappashpirt (Berat/Rome)

Doc Wör Mirran (San Francisco/Nürnberg)

Geier aus Stahl (Vienna)

Spettra (Lugano/Zurich)

Zan Hoffman (Louisville)

As Longitude (Crotone/Madrid)

Kasia Justka (Warsaw)

Novo Line (Baltimore)

Chris Imler (Augsburg)

Squadra Omega (Veneto)

Known Ocean (Bridgend)

Cabbages (Zurich/Bradford Yorkshire)

7697 miles (Santiago/Hamburg)

Arzathon (Kettering)

Paul Arámbula (Phoenix)

Samoln (Bridgend)

Twoonky (Brescia)

OTTO (Bavaria)

Raw-C (Santiago)

Elder Sister (Los Angeles/Torino)

From Nursery to Misery (Basildon)

Gene Fin (Karaganda)

Secret Thirteen Showcase:

James Welburn (Lillehammer)

TIESE (Vilnius)

S13 (Pavevėžys)

Ilius (Vilnius)

Švenčionis (Kaunas)ūdesys-radio-live-featuring-švenčionisstart-fm-2017-02-15


Giorgio Gabber (Lugano)

Octatanz (Vilnius/Madrid)

Luzi Gehrisch (Frankfurt)

Tiney (Dresden)

Rugile (Kaunas)

Manfredas (Panevėžys)

Art.-Nr.: 9 (Sonthofen)

Teenage Jeans (London)

Marius Trajanas (Marijampolė)

Marek Voida (Vilnius)

K.S. (Vilnius)

Screening of „Sobre La Marxa“ by Plateau